Upcoming Presentations

Ten Tips for Small Employers – Allies for Community Business (6/15/23)

Noncompetes and Nonsolicits in a Changing Labor Market, Illinois CPA Society Annual Summit (8/22/23)

Sexual harassment trainings – Chicago Chapter of the Appraisal Institute (CCAI)

Sexual harassment training for managers and for employees, plus Chicago-required bystander intervention training, and general discrimination/harassment trainings (clients and organizations)


Creating a Workplace Culture to Attract and Retain Employees (2-part co-presentation with performance advisor Mark James hosted by SCORE)

Session 1 (3/21/23) YouTube video link: SCORE session 1 (3/21/23)

Session 2 (3/28/23) YouTube video link: SCORE session 2 (3/28/23)

Employment Compliance Tips – Childcare Businesses – Women’s Business Development Center Chicago, 3/21/23

New Employment Laws for 2023, HR(630) Presentation, Connor & Gallagher OneSource (CGO), 2/16/23

Employment Agreements for Business Attorneys, DuPage  County Bar Assn., 10/14/22

Freedom of Speech and Social Media, ISAB Minority Bar CLE Conference (co-presenter) 9/16/22

Ten Tips for Small Employers – Collaborative Divorce group, 8/4/22

Worker Classification – 1099 vs. W-2 – Illinois CPA Society Annual Summit, Rosemont, IL 8/23/22

Leaves of Absence Panel Webinar, West LegalEd Center, 7/27/22

Living with the Pandemic – Return to Work, EPWNG co-presentation, 7/19/22

Employment Law Compliance: 1099 vs. W2 – Oakbrook Business Network, 7/11/22 Employment Law Compliance: 1099 vs. W2 Oakbrook Bus. Network071122

Social Media and the Workplace – The Business Help Shop, 5/26/22

Strategies to Move Your Business Forward – Supporting Strategies Business Fundamentals Bootcamp 5/20/22

What to Know Before You Buy or Sell a Business – Zoom Advisor Panel 4/26/22 What to Know Before You Buy or Sell a Business

Employment Compliance Tips – Childcare Businesses – Women’s Business Development Center Chicago 4/7/22 and 9/22/22

New Illinois Rules Impact Non-Competes and Non-Solicits – Exit Planning Exchange (XPX) Chicago 3/30/22

New Illinois Rules on Non-Compete/Solicit Restrictions – Career Resource Center 3/23/22

New Illinois Rules –  regarding Non-Compete Agreements – Connor & Gallagher OneSource, 1/27/22

COVID Update – HR Network (1/26/22)


Vaccine Mandates – Favia’s Healthcare Podcast 12/9/21

COVID and Return to Workplace – St. Joseph Church Employment Ministry, Libertyville 11/18/21

COVID and the Workplace – Rights and Obligations – The Business Help Shop networking group  10/28/21

Employment Compliance Tips – Childcare Businesses (Women’s Business Development Center Chicago 10/27/21

The New Environment – Returning to the Workplace After COVID – Career Resource Center panel event 10/13/21

NELA Illinois Podcast – 10/5/21

Sexual harassment training (CCAI – Chicago Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, February through September, 2021 – multiple sessions)

Ten Tips for Small Business Employment Compliance – Illinois CPA Society Annual Summit, Rosemont, IL 8/24/21

Employee Survival Guide (COVID) – Real Wealth Podcast 8/23/21 Employee Survival Guide

NELA Illinois Podcast – 8/16/21

When Benefits Are not Benefits: Ask the Attorney – College of American Pathologists Virtual Meeting 8/10/21

How to Successfully Sell Your Business and Avoid Employment Transition Pitfalls: EPWNG Let’s Talk Webinar with Laura Liss, 6/16/21

Update: COVID Return, Sexual Harassment – Betsy Phillips Live Chat (4/2/21)

Employment Law Update 1Q21 – HR Network webinar (3/31/21)

Ask the Experts “Resolving Conflicts and Preserving Relationships” (3/17/21 podcast)

A Lawful Workplace 2021 – Employment Law Update (STAR Chicago recruiters 2/12/21)

Sexual harassment trainings – various clients


COVID Update (HR Network 12/2/20)

Sexual harassment update – Northern Illinois Commercial Association of Realtors (NICAR) north/northeast region 11/18/20)

Women in Business: Becker Group Women’s Leadership Podcast (11/12/20) Becker Podcast Lori Goldstein Nov. 2020

A Lawful Workplace – Ten Tips for Employers (Supporting Strategies’ Business Fundamentals Bootcamp – Chicago Far West Suburbs 11/11/20) Supporting Strategies – Ten Tips

Carefully Transitioning Back – COVID and the Workplace (Gray Hair Management August 12, 2020) Video link: Gray Hair webinar 8/12/20

Ten Tips for Small Business Employment Compliance (SCORE webinar – Barrington Library August 4, 2020)

A Careful Transition – COVID and the Workplace (SBAC – West virtual webinar with co-presenter Sandra Teague) YouTube video: A Careful Transition – COVID and the Workplace (SBAC – West 7/9/20)

Navigating the Pandemic and Transition to Reopen the Workplace: Guidelines for Employers (AILA – American Immigration Lawyers Assn. webinar)

Navigating our World in a Time of Uncertainty (EPWNG Panel Webinar)

Artists in a Time of Global Pandemic (webinar hosted by HowlRound Theatre Commons; 4500 attendees worldwide)

Sexual Harassment Client Trainings


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Fastest Labs Lunch and Learn)

Women in Business: Becker Group Women’s Leadership Podcast

Americans with Disabilities Act staff and management training (local home improvement company)

Negotiating Job Offers, Rights at Hire and Fire, and Paid Sick Leave (Career Renewal, Deerfield)

Hot Topics in Employment Law: Harassment, Electronic Communication and Employment Rights (Career Transitions Center, Chicago)

Negotiating Job Offers, Drug Testing, and Marijuana and the Workplace – A Legal Perspective (New Trier High School Business Law class)


Update on Paid Sick Leave and New Laws (Regional franchisees of national caregiver company)

An Older Workplace – Realities, Benefits and Legal Rights (Career Resource Center)

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (University of Chicago Women’s Alliance)

Worker Classification (Lake County Bar Assn., Debtor & Creditor Committee)

We All Count When It Comes to Being Empowered Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Panel Member, Social Worker/Health Care Certification Seminar, Sponsors: Symphony, Home Instead Senior Care, Brookdale, JourneyCare)

ADA/FMLA 3-Day Certification Training (HR Training Center)

Women in the Workplace – Legal Rights and Issues (Skokie Chamber)

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (DBR – Deerfield Bannockburn Riverwoods Chamber)

Hot Topics in Employment Law: Sexual Harassment, Social Media, Hire/Fire Rights and Paid Sick Leave (Vistage Group – CEOs)

Workplace Law Compliance and Manager Best Practices (Corporate client – managers)


New Chicago and Cook County Paid Sick Leave Laws (Comfort Keepers regional franchise owners)

Legal Issues for Small Employers (CPA Firm Management Association)

Negotiating Job Offers – A Legal Perspective (HR Network)

Social Media in the Workplace (University of Chicago Women’s Alliance)

Human Resources Generalist 3-Day Certification Training (HR Training Center)

Workplace Laws with Teeth: Ten Essential Rules for Running Your Practice Lawfully (Chicago Dental Society – North Suburban Branch)


The 10 Worst Mistakes in Negotiating Job Offers and Severance Agreements (with Sari Klein; Northbrook Library)

Negotiating Job Offers (Career Resource Center)

Employment Law Issues and Tips for Small Employers (Comfort Keepers regional franchise owners)

Worker Classification and New Overtime Laws (Mann, Weitz & Associates, LLC)

Key Points to Consider When Negotiating a Job Offer (NSENG)

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace (SBAC)

Employment Law Roundtable for Small Employers – 2015 Roundup and 2016 Forecast (Skokie Chamber Roundtable Presentation – Breakfast Club)


Retaliation and Whistleblower Claims (Panel, Chicago Bar Association, Committee on Labor & Employment)

Difficult Conversations in the Workplace (Women Optimizing Women and Career Resource Center)

Current Issues in Employment Law (FGMK, LLC accounting firm)

Medical Marijuana and Your Workforce – Developments in Employment Law (Lakeshore Healthcare and Rehabilitation Centre and Illinois Masonic Hospital)

Women in the Workplace: Legal Rights and Issues (Women’s Exchange)

Beginnings and Endings: Rights at Hire and Fire (Congregation Ahavat Olam)


Having Difficult Conversations, Tips, Tricks and Techniques (The Fall Professional Speakers of EPWNG)

Current Issues in Employment Law: At-Will Employment, Employment Contracts, and New Rules on Noncompetes; Rights at Termination, Separation Agreements and RIFs; An Older Workplace (North Shore Executive Networking Group – NSENG)

Developing Privacy and Data Security Issues for Small Business Owners and Employers – New Laws, Regulations and Best Practices (North Shore LAW/Chicago Title and Trust CLE Presentation with Stacy Streur)

Medical Marijuana and Your Workforce – Developments in Employment Law (Independent Finance Association of Illinois)

Hot Topics in Employment Law – New Rules on Illinois Noncompetes, Social Media at Work, Worker Classification: Independent Contractors, Overtime Exemptions (Skokie Chamber Business Building Lunch)

Legal Issues for Small Businesses (North Shore LAW panel hosted by the Skokie Public Library)

2013 and earlier

Current Issues in Employment Law – (Kessler Orlean Silver & Co. CPAs)

Current Topics in Employment Law – Update: Supreme Court and Illinois (Career Resource Center)

LGBT and Legal Rights (Intraspectrum Counseling)

Exit Interviews (MRA – The Management Association)

HR and Legal Lessons for Successful Employment Transition  Presented with Mary Beth Barrett Newman (Career Resource Center)

Employment Discrimination, Hiring and Firing and Immigration  Presented with Lakshmi Lakshmanan (North Shore Law CLE)

RIFs (Reductions-in-Force) and Economic Alternatives, and Social Media in the Workplace (HR.C0m Webinar)

Issues in Employment Law (DBR Chamber of Commerce and Career Resource Center of Lake County)

Forming and Protecting Your Business, Employment and IP Presented with Marcia Franklin and Ellen Greenberger (North Shore LAW CLE)

Legal Issues in a Volatile Employment Environment (Temple Jeremiah)

– Employment separation and legal rights: at will/contract employment; discrimination/retaliation/unlawful discharge

– Overtime/worker classification (exempt from overtime; independent contractors)

– Separation/severance agreements/releases and non-competes/restrictive covenants

Social Media in the Workplace, Worker Classification, Separation/Severance (North Shore LAW CLE)

ADAand ADAAA Update (CLE: Real Estate Institute)

Issues in Employment Law (Career Resource Center of Lake County (CRC))

Update on Disabilities Laws (YMCA-USA Webinar; Temple Jeremiah)

Reductions in Force – Guidelines and Risks (CLE Seminar)

The Importance of Attracting and Retaining Older Workers (CLE Seminar)

Fair Labor Standards Act – White Collar Exemptions (Client Seminar)

Absences and Attendance: Navigating the Legal Maze of the ADA, FMLA and Workers Compensation (American Institute of Architects)

FMLA and No-Fault Attendance (Association of Legal Administrators)

Harassment Training and Discrimination (Talbott Hotel; DuPage County Housing Authority)

Reconciling ADA, FMLA, WC and COBRA (Loyola EEOC Conference)

Harassment/Employee Handbook (Institutional Sales Corporation)

Developing Strategies to Manage An Older Workforce and the ADA (Institute of Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Loyola University)

Supervisor Employment Issues

Sexual Harassment – Limiting Your Liability Exposure

Hiring and Firing, The Family and Medical Leave Act and Americans With Disabilities Act (Lexington Health Care Centers; Illinois Nursing Home Administration Association Summer Conference, Springfield)

Employment Termination, Sexual Harassment, General Employment Issues (Chicago Association of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists)

Americans With Disabilities Act (Stock Market Observer, WCIU, Chicago (Channel 26); Union League Club of Chicago)

Employment Issues in the Long-Term Care Facility

Current Issues in Workers’ Compensation and Employment Law (The Alper Agency (Chicago) and Holleb & Coff)

Management Requirements and Employee Rights (Illinois Council on Long-Term Care)

Employment Discrimination (Illinois Certified Public Accountants Society Midwest Accounting Show)