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Thank you to Scott Becker and Becker Group Women’s Leadership for this podcast opportunity to discuss my business:

“Gamechangers – New Employment Laws” Client Bulletin Summer 2019

“Equal Pay – How Do We Fare Today?” clientbulletinspring2019

“News from the political front, harassment protocol for colleges, and age discrimination 50 years later” Client Bulletin Fall 2018

Featured in VoyageChicago Magazine’s Inspiring Stories 8/14/18:

Learn the new rules on unpaid interns, the latest on sexual harassment, and developments on ADA accommodations. Here’s what companies are doing to manage risk. clientbulletinwinter2018

“Paid Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Increases” Special Client Bulletin May 2017

“2017: New Laws and Uncertainty” clientbulletindecember2016

Employment Tricks and Treats clientbulletinfall2016

As employment laws change and become trickier for business owners, and treat employees with more legal protection, it is essential to dust off those cobwebs, get those skeletons out of the closet and make sure your policies, practices and legal documents are in tip-top shape.


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