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“2017: New Laws and Uncertainty” clientbulletindecember2016

“10 Worst Mistakes People Make When Negotiating Offers & Severance Agreements” –
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Employment Tricks and Treats clientbulletinfall2016

As employment laws change and become trickier for business owners, and treat employees with more legal protection, it is essential to dust off those cobwebs, get those skeletons out of the closet and make sure your policies, practices and legal documents are in tip-top shape.

New Overtime Exemption Regulations Begin December 1, 2016 – Employers should be preparing for these significant changes, announced on May 31:

– Minimum annual salary to be exempt will increase from $23,669 to $47,476

– “Highly compensated employee” exemption minimum will increase from $100,000 to $134,004

– Can use nondiscretionary bonuses and incentive payments (including commissions) to satisfy up to 10 percent of the new standard salary level

Employers will need to identify exempt employees whose salaries will fall below the new minimum and budget for salary increases and/or increased overtime costs. Employees will be impacted by creative cost-saving measures, including hours reductions, shift to part-time hourly workers, and conversion of salaried employees to hourly employees at lower hourly rates.


New Rules for NDAs, Non-competes and Employment Agreements The Defend Trade Secrets Act requires changes to employment agreements, non-compete and non-solicit agreements, and nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements involving trade secrets. These agreements must now include an immunity notice permitting trade secret disclosures to the government or in a legal complaint. 


Recent and Upcoming Presentations (thanks to the hosts and attendees):

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace (SBAC, 6/1/16)

Key Points to Consider When Negotiating a Job Offer (NSENG, 6/20/16)

How to Negotiate a Job Offer (Career Resource Center, 9/27/16; 6:30 p.m.)

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