Paid Sick Leave and Wage Increases (Special Client Bulletin May 2017)

Beginning July 1, 2017, many Chicago and Cook County employers were required to begin providing paid sick leave benefits (up to 40 hours per year) to most employees, including temporary and part-time employees. In addition, Chicago employers saw a wage increase from $10.50 to $11/hour, and for Cook County employers outside Chicago, the wage rose from $8.25 to $10/hour. Many towns did opt out of the county paid sick leave and minimum wage rules.  Employers should be familiar and in compliance with the new requirements and need to update employee handbooks/policies and compensation.Special Client Bulletin May 2017

Client Bulletin Summer 2016

Prepare Now for DECEMBER’S Major Overtime Exemption Changes – Among the key changes, executive, administrative and professional employees will need annual compensation of at least $47,476 in order to be exempt from overtime compensation.  The “highly compensated employee” will require $134,004 to be exempt. December 1 is less than 5 months away, and now is the ideal time for employers to audit your workforce and pay practices, reclassify employees, update your policies, budget for salary increases and increased overtime costs, and consider cost-saving measures.


Client Bulletin Winter 2016


A 2015 year-end roundup and 2016 forecast highlight Illinois and federal laws impacting a variety of employment practices. Learn about rules for pregnancy accommodations, criminal background questions, non-competes, Affordable Care Act filing, paid sick leave, independent contractor and overtime exempt classification and misconduct disqualification from unemployment compensation.  clientbulletinwinter2016




Client Bulletin Spring 2015

Difficult Work Conversations: Tips For Employees And Employers
From hire to fire, employers and employees often face communication issues and confront (or avoid) difficult conversations. Work relationships and communications are significant. Learn how to handle the challenge in my Client Bulletin Spring 2015.clientbulletinspring2015

Client Bulletin Fall 2014

Employee Accommodations in Two Arenas: Pregnancy and Mental Disabilities


Beginning in 2015, pregnancy (even without disability) and new motherhood will entitle Illinois employees to reasonable accommodations. Illinois employers of all sizes will be subject to the Illinois Human Rights Act amendments. Similar guidelines have been issued by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Accommodations and related issues are also exploding in the mental health arena. The work environment has become more stressful as a result of a difficult economy, high unemployment, reductions in force, and position eliminations.  There is an uptick in bullying, a rise in mental health and related physical symptoms, and more short and long-term disability and workers compensation claims. See Bulletin for more details.