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Lori has been an employment lawyer since 1984.  She represents employers and employees on a wide range of workplace issues, including discrimination and sexual harassment, management training, employment practice audits, wage-hour issues, worker classification, reductions-in-force, hiring and firing, and severance and employment agreements.  Lori regularly presents and writes on employment topics, and handles claims before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Labor, and other administrative agencies. Lori believes in providing personal service to clients efficiently and economically, working to resolve legal workplace issues so that clients can focus on their work.



Upcoming Presentations:



The Chicago Bar Association’s

Alliance For Women

presents Lori Goldstein

April 10, 2014

12:00 to 1:30 p.m.


Chicago Bar Association

321 South Plymouth Court, Chicago, IL


Last year brought key legal changes affecting employers and individuals in the LGBT arena. The Supreme Court’s June DOMA decisions brought historic gains for gay rights. Full federal recognition of legally married gay couples – “legal” depending on state law – will provide the right to receive the same federal health, tax, Social Security, and other benefits as heterosexual couples.  Learn how the new laws impact Illinois couples and civil unions. Hear the latest on sexual orientation discrimination and pending legislation (the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA)) to add sexual orientation as a protected class under Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act.

Recent Publications

Client Bulletin Winter 2014, featuring Obamacare, vocal college athletes, and older workers – the economic impact on employers and employees.  clientbulletinwinter2014

Legal Lessons for Employment Transitions, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin September 2013

Exit Interviews, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin August 2013


Sex, Drugs and Guns: What’s New in the Workplace?

Employers and workers are adapting to significant changes this fall. The Supreme Court’s summer landmark rulings on same-sex marriage and the related patchwork of state laws provide much excitement as well as unanswered questions.  Employees face new challenges pursuing claims for supervisor harassment and for retaliation.  Illinois got into the act with new protections for employees, presenting a myriad of issues for workers and employers on 3 fronts: noncompete and other post-employment restrictions, guns, and medical marijuana.



Summertime: Internships and Company Social Events

Internships, paid and unpaid, are subject to legal requirements that employers and interns should note. Legal compliance and liability issues also arise with firm parties and recreational events.  Check out the Summer Bulletin for details.



EXIT INTERVIEWS: Please check out this new article I wrote for North Shore LAW website, and check out our website!




I am proud to be involved with some wonderful organizations.

The Law Office of Lori A. Goldstein LLC is proud to be listed on JJ’s List as a business committed to disability awareness in customer service and the workplace.

Career Resource Center:   I volunteer as a Board member (and recently elected Secretary) for the Career Resource Center of Lake County (CRC), a non-profit re-employment service that has assisted more than 11,000 individuals in its 20+-year history.  Supported by donors and volunteers, CRC empowers job seekers through education, training, and mentoring. Visit for details on membership, volunteer and donor opportunities.

North Shore LAW is an association of highly experienced women lawyers with local practices serving clients throughout the Chicago area.  Not a law firm, North Shore LAW is a network of legal professionals whose practices cover nearly all areas of law.  We offer a free initial consultation in person or by phone. Visit us online at

Virtual Legal Clinic: I am excited to participate in a new Illinois program that will provide pro bono legal representation to survivors of domestic violence.  Initiated by Lt. Governor Sheila Simon, VLC retains volunteer employment, family, financial and other attorneys, who  give  free, confidential legal consultation via Skype to victims of domestic violence in rural and underserved communities.

I am also happy to be a new contributor of employment law articles to the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

This website and its contents are intended to provide clients and others with general information and are not intended to provide specific legal advice or opinions, or to establish an attorney-client relationship.

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